Marketing Moment-Profit Focus

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Keep your eyes on growing your profits. This can be done by buying more strategically and by spending less time on the whole process. Your most profitable month may not be the one where you have the highest sales. The first step is to understand when you are profitable. This means understanding your cost to buy as well as the cost to run your business. Code inventory cost in the [...]

Scanner TV: Episode 001 Linda Collett

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Atlanta attorney, Linda Collett, of The Collett Law Firm, discussed the vital documents that no small business should be without. A business lawsuit costs on average, $91,000, even when won, so spending the money and time to have the right documents in place will pay off over time. Additionally, the process of creating them really forces the owner/s to think through many eventualities and plan strategically. The right legal documents [...]

China Canton Fair Trip And Program: Private Label And Brand Building

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China Canton Fair April 23 - April 27th, 2018 Pre Trip Prep, A Facilitated Canton Fair Tour, Networking and Post Trip Follow Up & Assistance Join us for a 6 month long exploration of importing from China. It begins with 3 pre-trip workshops on preparing for the journey both logistically and from a vendor research perspective, a facilitated trip to the Canton Fair in China with shared meals, a guided tour and expert Q [...]


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ecomChicago is held annually in October in the suburbs of Chicago in Elk Grove, IL. The organizers of the event are Mark and Robin Levine of Bubblefast and Rich and Nila Siok. It is usually held on a Friday and Saturday with a bonus day on Thursday. The hotel is literally attached to the conference center so it's an easy place to attend as well as fun mix of eBay and Amazon sellers. The [...]

Retail Global

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Retail Global is an annual conference that is held once a year on the Gold Coast of Australia in May and once in Las Vegas Nevada in September. The focus of both events is dual. One is for brand owners to learn how to continue to expand globally and one is for online sellers to understand their international options. A broad width of content is covered from marketing to marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, from shipping [...]