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Scanner Society

This private community of experienced and successful Amazon sellers is here to help with your concerns and questions. Quarterly 1 on 1 coaching available and weekly expert and actionable training.


Classes & Programs

Our courses are taught by experts in e-commerce and business. We bring together the best educators to help you and your team learn targeted new skills to grow and achieve.


Consulting & Coaching

We either take tasks off of your plate or coach you on how to do them most effectively. (Note: These services are done through our partner Koala Commerce)

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Free Resources

Dive in, engage, learn and grow!

Brand Building

Facebook group with education and networking for brand managers and brand creators both entrepreneurial and corporate who are sourcing via private label and wholesale.


Selling Successfully

Beginning and advanced videos with real and understandable strategies for everyone from beginners to advanced Amazon sellers to corporate team members!

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WFS Sellers

Walmart announced their own fulfillment program in 2020. This Facebook group is the place to explore and strategize as the program grows. We are all stronger together!


Facilitator & Ringmaster 

Cordelia Blake has been a successful business owner in the fields of technology and e-commerce for over 20 years. Her diverse skill set spans systems administration, web development, training, training development, customer service, and e-commerce.

She started her own e-commerce product selling company in 2013. She also consults with businesses on Amazon strategy, is a public speaker, community leader, and teacher. She is a partner at Koala Commerce, an e-commerce product development, sales and consulting and CEO of Scanner Society.

She lives in Atlanta with her family. For more info find her on Linked In.

"I am so glad I joined Scanner Society. I’ve learned so much through the years. It’s really developed my business. I enjoy the quality of the content that they provide and I really enjoy the friendships that I’ve made. I always get great ideas from interacting with everyone at Scanner Society."

Michele Butler

"[It] exceeded my is designed to give you a small network of like-minded sellers ... who can get you started and then let you learn by doing while bouncing ideas off them and troubleshooting any problems along the way. I know people who pay thousands of dollars to subscribe to mastermind groups that are less helpful..."

Dan Ferrantelli

"I love the Scanner Society group because everyone is supportive, there's little drama and it helps me keep up with Amazon's changes (that seem to happen every other day)."


Tools Of The Trade

Running an online business takes lots of resources. Here are a few faves! 

Helium 10

This powerful software is great for listing writing, keyword research, product research and more. I use it daily to help me grow and run a successful Amazon biz. OFFERS: 50% off the first month OR 10% off your subscription forever.


Shopify is the best e-commerce platform around. It is user friendly and integrates with tons of other platforms including Amazon and Etsy.


Fabulous for selling services and training. Has a great experience for the business end and the customer interface is wonderful. Become a #KajabiHero today!

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