2017 Holiday Internet Usage Spike, Amazon Stats, California Legalizes Pot and Amazon News

Top 3 News Stories This Week:

  • There were huge internet traffic increases between 2017 and 2016 over the holiday shopping season as reported by Verizon. A week before Christmas traffic was up about 16% from 2016 but the surprise was that on New Year’s Day it was 32% higher. Thanksgiving weekend traffic was up 25% but on the Thanksgiving itself as well as on Black Friday there was an over 75% spike from last year. More and more people are last minute and deal shopping from the comfort of home.
  • Amazon announced some tantalizing numbers for 2017. There were more than 5 Billion Items Shipped via Amazon Prime. Amazon’s peak day of customer fulfillment was December 19 – 6 days before Christmas. Keep that 6 day guideline in mind when stocking inventory for future holidays. Some more fun facts are that The Instant Pot was delivered to 63% of all zip codes in the US and recipes for Martini and Manhattan were the most requested on Alexa.
  • California begins legal recreational marijuana sales in 2018. Several states have gone before but California promises a big impact as more than 12 percent of the population of the US lives there. Selling in this category requires caution. Federal laws criminalizing it are still in place. For those wanting to capitalize by selling online, check rules and regulations carefully. On Amazon, selling Drug paraphernalia or products designed to defeat drug tests are prohibited, however “tobacco related” products such as ashtrays, cigarette paper, hookahs, and pipes are acceptable. Make sure to check Seller Central for guidelines.

For Amazon Sellers:

  • Long term fees are coming on Feb 15th. They are calculated then and on Aug 15th. If you want your merchandise to be available through Q4 2018 without additional fees, do not send it in until Feb 16th and you will have until Feb 15th of 2019.
  • The FBA fee increases are coming, they go into effect on Feb 22nd. Check out our blog for details. 
  • The new FBA Returns dashboard in seller central helps sellers track returns. View the reason for each return, its status, and the customer’s refund date.

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