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Our Mission: Help Amazon Third Party Sellers At All Levels Grow

We are a community of over 600 growing and thriving Amazon sellers!

We formed as a rag tag group of seller who just wanted to be nice to each other in the fall of 2013. We started as a Facebook group of Amazon sellers who simply wanted to help each other succeed. We shared deals, tips and even a spare bed for out of town visitors. We quickly saw that the reseller community lacked a group that was seller (rather than guru) focused. As the online world has changed, so has our group. We now provide business resources, tools to help private labelers, wholesalers and more sell on Amazon, Jet and beyond, so that we can all keep on growing, pivoting, and succeeding.

Cordelia Blake

Chief Excecutive Officer

Cordelia has been selling on Amazon since 2013. She sells part time. She initially sourced via retail arbitrage but has since done well with online arbitrage, wholesale bundles and launched her own private label clothing line in 2017. She also teaches classes and loves helping other sellers grow and connect.