Bundle Masterclass

Do You Want To?

  • Create products made up of easily obtained items?

  • Be the only seller on your listings?

  • Create steady and scaleable revenue on Amazon?

  • Have a catalog of legitimate products that you sell online regularly?

  • Be part of a LIVE class with homework and accountability?


  • Having to constantly come up with new ideas?

  • Risking lots of money?

  • Spend hours daily prepping and shipping?

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The Bundle Masterclass

The Course Covers…

  • How To Implement Our 6 Exclusive Bundle Strategies

  • Actually Creating Bundles

  • UPC Exemptions

  • Scaling From Retail Arbitrage to Wholesale To Private Label

  • Exercises To Practice And Develop Ease With Bundle Creation

  • Launch Strategy Including PPC

  • How To Financially Evaluate A Bundle From Testing To Scaling

It Includes

  • Exercises to help you actually learn HOW to implement bundles profitably in YOUR business!

  • 8 Weeks Of LIVE Classes with Homework Each Session

  • Exclusive Course Facebook Group

  • Access to: How To Make A Bundle Selling Bundles On Amazon Intro Class ($24.99 Value)

Next Session

  • March 6th – May 1st



One Payment

3 Monthly Payments ($300 Each)

Detailed Outline

  1. The Freebie
  2. What is bundle
  3. Bundle policy on Amazon
  4. Wholesale For Bundles
  5. Private Label For Bundles
  6. Starting with RA but build it scalable
  7. The bundle spreadsheet
  8. Understanding cost and profit over the life of a bundle
  9. Get Fit: Plan 3 bundles with a bestseller and a freebie
  10. Get Fit: Plan 3 bundles for a niche group
  11. Get Fit: Take these 3 BLGR and IMPROVE THEM
  12. Get Fit: Make 3 Bundles with the same starter, 3 items, 5 items, 8 items
  13. Get Fit: Complete this item in 3 ways
  14. Join 3 weird Facebook groups and share 3 products each one would like
  15. Search for 3 current bundles (OOS ok) in assigned category and share what you learned

We will do exercises just to practice bundling so that the whole group will learn the skills to be able to develop your own profitable bundles. This is an interactive class. Plan to attend live! Each week will have specific homework so that you will build your bundle muscles grow!


One Payment

3 Monthly Payments ($300 Each)
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