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Building Amazon Bundles

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Building Amazon Bundles

Building Amazon Bundles

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Are You Ready To?

Develop “niche-pertise”

Discover what customers already want and sell it to them

Create scalable replens and own the Buy Box?

How About?

Learning actionable steps to create many profitable bundles?

Using keyword research to get ideas?

Using current listings to determine what else will sell?

So Is This To Complicated For Me To Figure Out?

How Will I Find Suppliers?

Learn how to start small and grow over time
and build products that are compliant with Amazon’s
terms of service and even be able to create your own brand!

Listen To Those Who Have Taken The Course!

In addition to learning a number of new things, I think the biggest gain for me has been learning ways to fine tune and clean up some things I’ve been doing either totally incorrectly or just simply less efficiently…Besides being extremely informative, your presentations are also very organized, digestible, and friendly. Thank you for your patience and willingness to share.


I tell you what the coolest feeling is when someone buys your item that you created from scratch and no promos. Thanks Cordelia for teaching me your ways.

-Dean, FL

I’ve created over 100 successful new listings since I took Cordelia’s course in January. It helped me focus and I’m making much better decisions and listings. I love owning the buy box. Before I was winging it, now I feel like I have better tools and strategies in place and listings that are selling like bananas.


I took this course and found it great, I learned shortcuts in creating listings, how to figure out, what I should be listing..which I think is the most valuable aspect. Since then I had successful listings and bundles.


The methodology is simple and effective. She also shows you exactly what you need to know to create good listings. That can be a huge barrier for some folks.


I would recommend this class to people at all levels from the beginner to the seasoned seller. You will definitely learn how to make your Amazon business better


I sold my first bundle. You may have heard me screaming all the way from Portland, OR. I am very excited and you have completely helped me work through my unfounded fear of creating listings. Thanks again Also, I “launched” a second product yesterday.


Have you wondered what a Bundle IS and what Amazon’s rules are about them? In this course learn ways to start with small orders and build up expertise until you can order in greater quantities. See how to source bundles via arbitrage, wholesale and private label as well as a blend. Each student will learn to  focus on product and customer niches to build expertise how to search the Amazon catalog to find hidden lucrative opportunities.

Create bundles that help customers and even anticipate what they already want and sell it to them. We cover how to find and approach wholesalers suppliers and to create one of a kind products that are replenishable.

Building Amazon Bundles

Buy Now $47
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