Amazon Listings Demystified

The Scanner Society Presents…

Amazon Listings Demystified

Amazon Listings Demystified

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Are You Ready To?

Write new listings that SELL?

Control EVERY word & phrase that Amazon registers?

How About?

Knowing if your words “count” on a SHARED listing?

Increase REVENUES on current listings?

So, is this a neat new trick to game the Amazon system?

Or is it a sophisticated writing system that required a PhD in Shakespearean English to do well?


Learn How To Write Listings that Please
BOTH The Amazon Algorithm AND Customers! 

Listen To Those Who’ve Made The Switch

Amazon Listings Demystified Testimonials 1

“Learning this listing method has given me confidence to bring new items to the Amazon Marketplace with an increased expectation that they will be found and sell. All of the items I have listed using this method have started to sell shortly after going live, and this morning I noticed that one of the items received a badge of “#1 new release””.

Sarah G, Baltimore MD

“Using this incredible methodology over the last few months, I have been able to bring new products to Amazon that show up in page one of search results within minutes of completing the listing. Often I get sales of these products the very next day!”

Judy D, Marietta, GA

Amazon Listings Demystified Includes…

5 Video Modules That Will Show You How To

  • Understand indexing vs ranking and why it’s important

  • Write a basic listing for beginners

  • Choose every word and phrase that indexes

  • Double check listings with our Chrome extension

  • Know how to handle multiple sellers

  • Index all words in multi variation listings

Course ALSO Includes…

  • Written notes for entire course

  • A template for simplified listing writing 

  • Private Facebook with tips and Q&A

  • Free use of the Chrome Extension through 2018

  • Lifetime access to course materials and updates

  • Live online supplemental sessions

Cordelia Blake

Guess What?

Cordelia: “I have written over 100 listings. I thought I was good at writing listings but I was still essentially guessing. Guessing at what sold, whose advice I should take about word duplication and guessing about what to put in my bullets vs the product description. I guessed which words to put in the title and which areas of the listing helped me with search and which helped me with customers. Even with all that guessing I still sold lots of products! I had listing start to sell as merchant fulfilled before they even hit the warehouse as FBA. But, I was still guessing. When, Alex Howard, told me he “figured it out”, I was skeptical. But I sat down with him and listened. I applied his method to my own listings and was amazed. Not only did I see my sales increase almost immediately but I also could TEST everything he told me! When it came to what words to use in listings, where to put them and what duplication mattered, there was NO MORE GUESSING! We decided to work together to bring this information out to as many sellers as possible.”

It’s Systematic!

Alex: “I have been selling successfully in my family business for over 5 years. We have a 7000 square foot warehouse for our thriving Amazon business outside of Atlanta. I decided to learn computer programming on the side and realized that even though we didn’t know what the Amazon algorithm was looking for, that it was looking for something specific, because that’s how computer work! I set my mind to demystifying listings. After several months of meticulous testing, I realized the pattern. Our family’s sales went up by 50% just from re-writing the listings!  I even developed a Chrome extension to double check my work. I saw that no one out there was teaching this method and knew other sellers could benefit from this information. Cordelia and I tested the theory with a larger group of sellers and put together this training. I am here to answer questions in the Facebook group and help.”

Amazon Listings Demystified

Buy Now $297


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