Beyond The Status Quo

After one day at the Atlanta #ResonateConference, hosted by Seller Labs. I am left inspired and thoughtful. I have met and reconnected with so many amazing people. My head is spinning but I thought I’d gather a few thoughts here…

Our community is so amazing because we are a bunch of people who are not satisfied with the status quo. We do not sit back and complain but take action literally every day to make our own lives and the lives of those around us different and better. It’s truly an incredible group of people to to know and be a part of.

What’s possible for us keeps growing! Whatever level of success I have, and there have been many, I meet people who show, in a very visceral way, how life can be even be better. 

I respond to visceral. Theoretical and philosophical are just not as inspiring to me as seeing how people dig in the dirt with their bare hands and build the lives they want. Whether they’ve put in their work and are now focusing on a 4 hour work week “lifestyle” or are working at something they love so that they can provide more for their families. After they achieve personal financial goals, they tend to work on community goals. The most successful people I’ve met are leveraging their time in a way that is meaningful for them. They are taking care of kids and other loved ones, traveling, living life on their own terms, and shining a bright light on the world around them.

Let me elaborate on what I mean by “many levels of success.” When I first started this business, as a reseller, I wanted an extra $500-$1000 a month extra for our family. I just wanted the struggle of day to day to lessen. That was a HUGE goal and a profound level of success. One of my big milestones was a trip to Costco. At the same time, my husband was shopping at Trader Joe’s. Between the two of us, we can drop some big money at those two stores. I logged into my checking account from the store to make sure that we had enough money cover our shopping trip. We had over $3000 in the account. I still to this day remember the feeling of a weight being lifted off my shoulders when I saw that bank account balance. It felt like this moments in cartoons when they show the sun piercing through the clouds. 

Another time was when I was discussing my earning goals with my father. He is a retired teacher and was a single parent for most of my life. I told him how much money I was making and how I felt I wanted to make more. He looked at me and said, you are now making part time, more than I ever made in my life per year as a teacher. It was another huge moment and level of success achieved. I do tend to get caught up in the perception of a “race” and it’s important to remember that what we do is a privilege and and honor and those who went before us would have loved to have an opportunity like the one we now have. 

Finally, at #Resonate, in #ScannerMonkey, and at other conferences, I have met sellers who work various levels of hours, who earn between 10K and $100K per month from their online business. Some even more. So, what is my work  goal? To earn MORE in the SAME AMOUNT OF HOURS or LESS than I am working now AND to DO MORE AND MORE THINGS THAT I LOVE while I’m at it. I also want to grow so that I can continue to teach more and more to others. Like my father, I love to teach, and really love growing skills that are valuable so that I have meaningful things to offer to others. Those may seem like vague goals but I find them extremely empowering and they guide my actions each day. This is not a post on goal setting, but on how my perception of what is possible has radically altered and expanded and continues to each and every day.

My final thought for today, is a big thank you. Thank you to the members of Scanner Monkey who empower me daily with their beings, contributions and listening. Thank you to the attendees of the Resonate Conference and all of the other conferences that I’ve attended. I have gotten so much from those of you at the Rocky Mountain Resellers Conference, the Scanpower Conference, and EComChicago. Thank you to those who come on our show and let me interview you and those who are online on their own and share their content and goals with others. Thank you to those who write books and blogs that teach and inspire. Thank you to my beloved partner at Scanner Money, Jay Bayne and my amazing partner in life, Mike Blake. 


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