Announcing Merch Collab: Brands and Small Business Create Merchandise Together For Sale On Amazon

Merch Collab was launched today at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. Merch Collab is a new licensing program where brands collaborate with qualified designers and manufacturers to create the world’s largest selection of branded merchandise for fans. Brands simply approve and promote products and Amazon tracks sales and pays out royalties.

Merch Collab

Brand Owners – Get the benefit of increased product selection, more revenue, flexibility that small businesses can provide, no up front inventory costs, complete control over designs that are sold. Products can be approved and available in as little as 30 seconds for customers! Brands apply, set up rules, review submissions and promote. All brand types are allowed including: major entertainment brands, musicians, consumer products, and social influencers with a .minimum of 100K followers. All qualified brand owners must have a seller central account but it does not have to be a paid, professional one, it can be the free one.

Merch Collab For Brand Owner

Products Available – All products available in the Merch by Amazon (ATOP: tees, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies)

Cost – This program is free

Pricing is controlled by Amazon and while the design is owned by the brand owner, it cannot be sold outside of the Merch Collab program.

It is primarily for brands and influencers with followings of at least 10 thousand people and preferably over 100 thousand.

Designers can apply as well. They will need a Merch and Seller Central account (both must have the same email and PASSWORD) and can design products for brands and will earn royalties if they are approved. Approved designers will be able to design for registered brands and if their designs are approved and sell, they will earn royalties.

The two big highlights from the legalese section of the agreement stipulate that if approved designers will need a NEW Merch account just for Collab designs and they must be designed by the actual person, not a third party (such as a VA). 

Brands Designers Manufacturers Merch Collab

If you applying as a designer, you will see this prompt:

Merch Collab Designer Application

And then you will get hit with some fine print. The highlights:

  • The Merch Collab Program allows you to access and incorporate certain third-party content from known brands and celebrities into designs you create
  • If a Design is approved by us and the licensor of Brand Content, you may request the production of certain Products incorporating the Approved Design
  • All use of Brand Content and related services that we make available as part of the Merch Collab Program may only be used in accordance with the Merch Agreement,
  • If you participate in the Merch Collab Program, you will open a new Merch by Amazon account solely for use in connection with the Merch Collab Program. You will use the Merch Collab Account exclusively for Designs and Branded Products
  • Designs will be original to you, inspired by Brand Content of a single Brand Content licensor, and will not include content from any third party
  • We may make Brand Content available to you by the means and in the format we decide.
  • You will submit all Designs you create to us for approval using the tools we make available to you.
  • You may only submit Approved Designs for production in Products.
  • Once you have received confirmation that a Design is an Approved Design, you may submit requests to produce Products incorporating that Approved Design through the Merch by Amazon portal.
  • In addition to deducting our costs and fees when calculating the Royalty owed to you for Branded Products, Amazon may also deduct from the purchase price the fees owed to the licensor of the Brand Content which Amazon may report separately or by increasing our costs and fees.
  • If Amazon or a licensor of Brand Content uses an Approved Design in any product, other than products distributed, licensed, or sold through Amazon Stores, or creates any derivative work of an Approved Design, except in connection with the marketing, sale, or distribution of Products; then Amazon will pay to you an additional fee.

Then you should hear if you are approved within 30 days:

Merch Collab 30 days

Full Legal Agreement here

Merch Collab

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