Trade Show Strategy with Abby

Scanner Monkey member, Abby Hunt, recently attended the ASD trade show in Las Vegas. She summed up her lessons learned which really apply to attending any trade show.

  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU GO. I researched vendors and products for the week prior to ASD and was completely prepared when I hit the floor.
  2. SCHEDULE SOME BROWSE TIME. Since I had prepared, I was able to enjoy browsing some booths & vendors by day 3 without missing out on the booths I HAD to visit.
  3. JUST SAY NO TO CATALOGS! I prefer a backpack to a rolling bag and by day 3 I had bruises on my shoulders from the weight of the bag!
  4. GRAB ESSENTIAL CATALOGS. There were 2 vendors that were not on my original search list so I did grab those two catalogs, researched at night on wifi at my hotel and placed an order the next day with the most profitable items.
  5. LEARN SOMETHING NEW ON PURPOSE. I was able to schedule just one seminar so I made it count by seeing Katharyne Shelton. She was such a wealth of knowledge, it was time very well-spent.
  6. WORK THE SHOW LIKE A BOSS. Save the meandering, window shopping for another time. The purpose of attending is to make money. I saw things I could have purchased as gifts for family or things I thought were cute, but I made myself research everything before buying. This saved me tons of money for sure.
  7. TAKE A SMALL RISK. I made a purchase at one booth that was probably profitable but WAY outside my comfort zone. It was a $200 wholesale purchase which was within my budget and if it does well, I will have a new category to continue to pursue.
  8. KNOW YOUR BUDGET. While this may seem obvious, it is still vital! Don’t go overboard. No deal is really THAT good and the vendors/wholesalers will always take your money.
  9. BE YOURSELF. (unless you’re a jerk… just kidding) It is much easier to have a genuine conversation with a business owner when you walk up with a smile and a “good morning” rather than being nervous with some sort of “pitch.”
  10. HAVE FUN. A nice dinner, a little gambling, goofing off and time to unwind are essential so that you don’t burn out by the end of the week.

by Abigaile Hunt

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