About Cordelia Blake

Cordelia has a background in technology and training. She started selling online in 2013 with her own website and then moved onto Amazon.com. After jumping in with sourcing via wholesale she explored arbitrage, and ultimately sells a mix of wholesale bundles and private label products. Her clothing line, Everyday Curves, plus sized women’s althleisure wear, just went live in 2017.She has interviewed over 100 successful sellers and industry experts for her online show for Scanner Society and has also helped the members grow their businesses through learning and sound business building. She has taught classes on how to source, wholesale, bundle and list on Amazon.com. Her e-commerce company currently focuses on selling high end gift boxes and clothing online.She happily resides with her husband of 18 years, 2 boys (ages 6 and 15), 1 black lab, and 2 cats in Atlanta, Georgia.

Is Scanner Society Worth The Money?

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I hear this question a lot whether it stated outright or implied. Obviously, I think it is, not just because I've dedicated so much of my life to it but also because, for me, the relationships that I've made alone are MORE than worth it. However, I realize this is a sort of "airy fairy" way of describing the value so I decided to compare it to a conference. In many businesses, including the online [...]

Julie Mathers – Ethical Profits – Episode 003

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Before founding the cruelty free and vegan, Flora and Fauna, in 2014, Julie Mathers, worked in retail for over 20 years and in e-commerce ten. She is a seasoned retailer and has sat on retail boards and spends any spare time she has mentoring other businesses. She is very passionate about ethical retailing and regularly speaks to it while driving Flora & Fauna to be best in class. She interweaves worlds by combining her [...]

China Canton Fair Trip And Program: Private Label Sourcing And Selling

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China Canton Fair Program & Trip An amazing program that incorporates pre-trip planning, a guided tour and group and post trip support. Sell YOUR product by Q4 2018!  We work with you to help you maximize your trip to China Program includes pre-trip planning sessions with live Q & A A tour of the Canton Fair Breakfasts and dinners with the group for support and information sharing Post trip follow up seminars to help [...]

How To Do Free Keyword Research

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Here are a few tips for doing free keyword research for Amazon listings and ads. Use Chrome (or whatever browser you're on) in "Incognito" mode so it does not track your own shopping history Type into the search bar on Amazon.com for ideas Look on the LEFT sidebar for keyword ideas Check reviews and competitors listings for ideas Also search on Google, popular websites, blogs, and Facebook groups TIPS: Repeating words does not [...]

Trade Show Strategy with Abby

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Scanner Monkey member, Abby Hunt, recently attended the ASD trade show in Las Vegas. She summed up her lessons learned which really apply to attending any trade show. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU GO. I researched vendors and products for the week prior to ASD and was completely prepared when I hit the floor. SCHEDULE SOME BROWSE TIME. Since I had prepared, I was able to enjoy browsing some booths & vendors by day 3 without [...]