Alexa Becomes a Mirror, Amazon 3D prints, Germany Leads in Manufacturing and more. E-Commerce News.

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Amazon filed 2 patents in January. Reading their patents can be a great way to see what direction they want to go in and what new tech they’ve developed. The first one is for a Blended Reality mirror. The mirror is partially-reflective and partially-transmissive. It uses a mix of displays, cameras, and projectors to create a blended image which looks like a reflection in the mirror. The mirror can change the visual appearance of [...]

2017 Holiday Internet Usage Spike, Amazon Stats, California Legalizes Pot and Amazon News

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Top 3 News Stories This Week: There were huge internet traffic increases between 2017 and 2016 over the holiday shopping season as reported by Verizon. A week before Christmas traffic was up about 16% from 2016 but the surprise was that on New Year’s Day it was 32% higher. Thanksgiving weekend traffic was up 25% but on the Thanksgiving itself as well as on Black Friday there was an over 75% spike from last [...]

Payoneer and International Payments with Rob Shannon

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Payoneer is a service to process international payments. Account setup is free. Rob Shannon, Sales Manager for North America, fills us in on how this works. You can set Payoneer to receive funds from overseas Amazon accounts and either transfer to a US bank account at a lower rate than Amazon charges or pay international vendors directly minimizing currency conversion fees and simplifying the payments process. They also offer payment processing for other [...]

Straight From Amazon’s Mouth – Official Sources Of Info From Amazon

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In our information superhighway, the glut of information can be overwhelming. If you are someone who cares about what's happening at or with Amazon there are literally hundreds of sources however, we've found how to get info straight from the horses mouth! There are some great information resources from Amazon itself to stay up to date on their hundreds of programs and opportunities. Here is a list. We will update as we discover more! [...]

FBA Fee Changes – Effective Feb 22, 2018

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FBA fee changes will go into effect on Feb 22nd, 2018. For details check here: Glossary Small standard-size - Any packaged item that is 12 oz. or less with its longest side 15" or less, its shortest side 0.75" or less, and its median side 12" or less. Large standard-size - Any packaged item that is 20 lb. or less with its longest side 18" or less, its shortest side 8" or less, and [...]