Free Amazon Seller Inventory Removal Ends In May

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Amazon announced the end of it's FREE Inventory removal program. All removals must be submitted by 11:59pm (PST) on May 29th, 2018. After that only fee based removal is available. To take action login to Seller central Pro Sellers - Go to Manage Excess Inventory Individual Sellers - Go to FBA Inventory Age Select inventory and choose Create Removal Order from the menu. If you remove during this time, you cannot send any more [...]

Announcing Merch Collab: Brands and Small Business Create Merchandise Together For Sale On Amazon

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Merch Collab was launched today at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. Merch Collab is a new licensing program where brands collaborate with qualified designers and manufacturers to create the world’s largest selection of branded merchandise for fans. Brands simply approve and promote products and Amazon tracks sales and pays out royalties. Brand Owners - Get the benefit of increased product selection, more revenue, flexibility that small businesses can provide, no up front inventory [...]

George Lawrence – Keywords & Customers

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George Lawrence, the CEO of Merchant Word, shares how the right understanding of keywords can seem technical but is really about understanding the customer. He discusses Amazon search technology, called the A9 or A10 algorithm, and what it means when researching and listing products on Amazon. He talks audio search, vectoring and artificial intelligence too! He started out as a software engineer with some financial troubles in 2012. He created Merchant Words, an Amazon [...]

Less Than 2 Percent Of Amazon Sellers Exceeded 1 Million In Sales in 2017

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Amazon released a report that stated proudly, "more than 20,000 small and medium-sized businesses worldwide on Amazon surpassed $1M in sales in 2017." There are more more than one million of these businesses. Let's just say for a statistical analysis that it's at 1 million. So that means that 2% of sellers exceeded 1 Million in sales in 2017 and it's actually less than 2 percent because there are more than a million sellers. As [...]