Brand Registry Reloaded With Cynthia Stine of EGrowth Partners

In this interview with Cynthia Stine, CEO of EGrowth Partners,  we cover the basics of Brand Registry 2.0 on Amazon. Cynthia explains what it is and how brands can register. We discuss other important factors such as:

  • Common mistakes that brands make and how can they be prevented
  • What happens to a brand if they don’t register
  • When in the birth of a brand is the best time to register
  • What is a takedown
  • What brand registry does and what it doesn’t do!

Cynthia Stine, and the team at EGrowth Partners work with Amazon sellers on account and ASIN reinstatement, suspension prevention, account maintenance, brand registry, infringement and more. In addition to selling on since 2010, Cynthia has also written the top-selling books “Make Thousands on Amazon in 10 Hours a Week!” and “Suspension Prevention: Get Reinstated and Protect Your Amazon Seller Account.” Cynthia and her team have developed a system for analyzing sellers’ mistakes, appealing to Amazon and – in most cases – getting her clients’ businesses back up and running. Prior to becoming an Amazon seller, Cynthia had 25+ years business, crisis and turnaround consulting experience. She is used to being an advocate for businesses and the voice of the frustrated and powerless. Her blog focuses on helping sellers to run their businesses better and to stay out of trouble with Amazon.

Contact her and learn more about her services and books through her website:  

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