Buy health insurance on Amazon, waterfalls in the workplace, publish on Walmart

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase are banding together to form a healthcare company aimed at reducing their workers’ health costs. With more than one million employees in all three companies combined, their resources are enormous. They aim to have a CEO in place by the end of 2018. Will we be able to buy insurance on Amazon soon? With rising health care costs and fewer companies providing benefits as well as freelancers having to get their own, I hope that these power players can make a dent in this massive problem. The companies said the venture would be “free from profit-making incentives and constraints.” As a seller, I don’t always love Amazon’s ability to build a business with no need for profit but as a healthcare consumer, I’m hoping they shake up the bloated insurance industry.

Groceries and other items from Whole Foods will be available on the Prime Now app and delivered in 2 hours in a four test cities with plans to expand nationally by the end of 2018.
The Spheres, Amazon’s revolutionary new space in Seattle is now open for employees and visitors. It contains 40,000 individual plants; with more than 300 plant species from 50 countries and almost every continent, each with its own story to tell. Some of the features within this unique space include treehouse meeting rooms, waterfalls, a four-story living wall, and trees that grow in the air. As wonderful as this sounds, one wonders how easy it will be to have a meeting or conference call here.
Walmart enters the book publishing biz with it’s new alliance with Tokyo based, Rakuten. Most of the benefits of the alliance are in Japan but one big one that will hit the US is Walmart will begin selling eBooks and audiobooks for the Kobo e-reader. This is a great way for content creators to widen their audience. Rakuten has not really taken off in the US, perhaps this alliance will help them get a foothold and provide more healthy competition.
Speaking of alliances, eBay is partnering with the Latin company, PideloRapido. Consumers in Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador or Panama can now experience borderless e-commerce with access to tens of millions of listings on the Pidelo platform. All shipping costs are integrated into the price and the customer pays them. PideloRapido’s mission is to connect the world’s inventories to create the world’s first borderless e-commerce experience.

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