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The Canton Fair

The formal title of this amazing trade show, is The China Import and Export Fair. It was first held in 1957. There are over nearly 25 thousand vendors and with over a million square meters of indoor and outdoor exhibitions. Located in the Pearl River Delta, a roughly two hour train journey north from Hong Kong. Canton, now known as Guangzhou, was the only port in China open to foreigners and has been the center of international trade with the West for centuries. With a population of over 13 million, Guangzhou is the third largest city in China after Shanghai and Beijing.

Many companies release their products at the Canton Fair, before they make them available online. Also, there are quite a few companies which do not sell through sites such as Alibaba.

Each time this fair is offered there are 3 phases or shows that are each about 1 week long. They each have different types of goods. The actual admission price by the fair organizers is FREE. With the right type of focus and planning, you will find more new products than you can launch in a year in 3 days at the Fair. That’s how much product is there. The Fair is usually in April and October of each year.

Our Scanner Society annual 8 month long program includes a guided tour of Phase 2 of The Canton Fair with our mastermind group.

2019 Show Dates

125th – Spring

  • Phase 1: April 15 – 19
  • Phase 2: April 23 – 27
  • Phase 3: May 1 – 5

126th – Fall

  • Phase 1: Oct 15 – 19
  • Phase 2: Oct 23 – 27
  • Phase 3: Oct 31 – Nov 4
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