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eComChicago is held annually in October in the suburbs of Chicago in Elk Grove, IL. The organizers of the event are Mark and Robin Levine of Bubblefast and Rich and Nila Siok of Appealing Signs. The conference grew out of  and is sponsored by the Chicago Area eBay & eCommerce Sellers Group, which was founded in 2006. The conference hotel is literally attached to the conference center so it's an easy place to attend and [...]

Retail Global

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Retail Global is an annual conference that is held once a year on the Gold Coast of Australia in May and once in Las Vegas Nevada in September or October. The focus of both events is dual. One is for brand owners to learn how to continue to expand globally and one is for online sellers to understand their international options. A broad width of content is covered from marketing to marketplaces such as eBay and [...]