Payoneer and International Payments with Rob Shannon

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Payoneer is a service to process international payments. Account setup is free. Rob Shannon, Sales Manager for North America, fills us in on how this works. You can set Payoneer to receive funds from overseas Amazon accounts and either transfer to a US bank account at a lower rate than Amazon charges or pay international vendors directly minimizing currency conversion fees and simplifying the payments process. They also offer payment processing for other [...]

Jaya Patel – Cookin’ Profits – Arbitrage to Private Label On Amazon

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Jaya Patel is an Atlanta based entrepreneur. She started selling on Amazon and eBay and sourced via arbitrage. She even bought inventory from the Atlanta Mail Recovery Center. After growing to the point of needing a warehouse and a full time employee, she decided to conquer wholesale. She dove in and while she learned and grew successfully, she felt that the best way to control supply was to learn private label. She now has [...]

Sam Cohen – Size Matters

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Sam Cohen runs his own 10 million dollar plus online sales company and is in the top 1% of Amazon sellers worldwide. Having had to learn everything the hard way himself, he decided to found a company to help other sellers go big on Amazon and thus he founded Amazon Consulting Experts in 2014. He reveals some of his secrets for scaling and success in our show. He tracks him time, learns how to [...]

Ian Lurie – Patent Predictions

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Ian Lurie, founded the digital marketing agency, Portent, in 1995 and they joined forces with Clearlink in 2017. He is the EVP of Marketing and helps companies rank well, spend smart, and thrive online. His law degree gave him the training to read patents which he now does to keep up with the technical changes at Amazon and Google. He reveals how Amazon algorithms work and how the technical dive into audio search and [...]