China Canton Fair Trip And Program: Private Label Sourcing And Selling

China Canton Fair Program & Trip

An amazing program that incorporates pre-trip planning, a guided tour and group and post trip support. Sell YOUR product by Q4 2018! 

  • We work with you to help you maximize your trip to China
  • Program includes pre-trip planning sessions with live Q & A
  • A tour of the Canton Fair
  • Breakfasts and dinners with the group for support and information sharing
  • Post trip follow up seminars to help with selection, ordering, shipping and logistics as well as listing and selling
  • Online program begins in January, Canton Fair trip is April 23rd – 26th, 2018
  • No other program includes this much! 

Airfare, hotel and meals are not included in cost

Your Tour Guide & Facilitator…Milas King

Milas is the COO of Scanner Society and founded and owns a successful chain of 3 restaurants in Atlanta and also has a six figure e-commerce business. He has been attending the Canton Fair since 2015 and has been importing since 2016. King’s first trip to China was to source pizza boxes at a lower rate for his restaurants. He then decided that e-commerce was potentially a better revenue opportunity than a new restaurant location and dove into it while his partner took over most of the day to day operations involved in running the restaurants.

He started selling products sourced via retail arbitrage. He focused on replenishables and bundles to build a systematized business so he could add in private label. His second trip to the Canton Fair was where he chose his first few private label products. They are already selling successfully both to brick and mortar stores at a wholesale level and on Amazon. He was able to get his shipping costs down to under 20 cents per unit. He currently imports consumer goods, toys and restaurant supplies.

He joined Scanner Society in 2016 to connect with other sellers and in 2017, became an owner. He is gifted at systematizing processes so that he can continue to grow each business and his capacity to accomplish more.

Guest Instructor..Compliance & Risk..Rachel Greer

Rachel Greer is the Managing Partner at Cascadia Seller Solutions. She worked at Amazon for more than seven years at Amazon in Fraud/Transaction Risk and Product Compliance & Sustainability. She will be teaching sessions both pre-trip and post trip on choosing a safer product, how to assure compliance and asking the right questions.

Co-Instructor…Cordelia Blake

Cordelia Blake is the CEO of Scanner Society and runs her own six figure e-commerce business. She focuses on bundles and also launched her own private label clothing line in 2016. The line is imported from China. She will be facilitating the program from the US, helping with strategy and is also a great resource for creating listings and product launch.

The Canton Fair trip includes:

  • Pre show prep
  • A guided fair experience on APRIL 23 – 27th, 2018
  • Post trip support for follow up and execution

The goal is to discover, order, and have product available for sale by Q4 2018. The program cost is $1997 (until 12/31/17) and then $2497 (until 1/31/18) and then $2997 (until 2/28/18) and does not include airfare, hotel or meals. We will make recommendations for these to simplify the trip but students will make their own travel arrangements. This trip is only available to Scanner Society members. Please JOIN TODAY if you want to attend and are not already a member.

Here is an approximate budget for the trip itself:

  • $1200 – Airfair
  • $1250 – Hotel
  • $500 – Meals

Here is an approximate budget for the entire program

  • $1997 – Course
  • $3000 – Trip to China
  • $4500 – Initial orders (inventory)
  • $500 – Shipping to US
  • $9997 – Total Cost

If you sell the initial inventory at 100% ROI (even more is possible) then the trip will cost about $500! Obviously we can’t promise a return but this is to give you an idea of how to budget and what to plan for.

We are not trying to break the bank with this but also want students to have a realistic idea of expenses.

The program cost is $1997 (until 12/31/17) and then $2497 (until 1/31/18)  and then $2997 until it closes on 2/28/18. It is only open to Scanner Society Members. Please JOIN if you are not already a member and then sign up for the China trip. Come and grow your business and adventure with us. 

I Am A Member And Want To Sign Up
I Want To Join Scanner Society And Then Sign Up


We have a different refund policy for this trip due to all of our up front costs. The PROGRAM is transferable at any point but it’s up the the attendee to find a replacement student and make all new travel arrangements. FULL refund available until 12/31/17 and HALF refund available until 1/31/18. After that we’ll have to decide on a case by case basis dependent on circumstances and our costs but we may not be able to offer any refund. We have no responsibility for costs or liability for the travel portion of the trip, which is up to the student to arrange.  

Videos About The Trip


Is this the only way to import?

Absolutely not. There are so many ways to import and international travel is not necessary. It can help to begin to understand the culture and to see a wider array of opportunities at a lower price and is right for some but not all.

Should I spend my only business money on this trip?

No. If investing in this trip and program is a portion of your business then it’s a good investment. If this is your last dollars, then invest it in inventory in the US or if you want to import start smaller and build up.

Why do I have to join Scanner Society to go?

We strongly believe in the power of a good, solid community and specifically ours. We feel that our group makes each member stronger and also that each member makes the group stronger and we want to have the participants in this program share in that. Also, this trip and program should be part of a bigger business strategy which is not necessarily the focus of our program but can be discussed in our larger group.

I’m new to online selling, should I go on this trip?

It really depends. some people want to dive right in and import, others want to work up to it. Either way is legitimate and we’ve seen businesses approach importing this way and succeed or fail. No trip or program is a guarantee of either.

Why is this an 8 month long program?

Originally, we wanted to offer the tour but realized that to really get the most value out of going, pre trip and post trip information and support is helpful so we added them in.

$10,000 is a lot. People say I can go to China for less, is that true?

Absolutely. You can fly over with multiple international stop overs, stay in a bargain basement hotel and go the fair for free. You don’t have to pay to be in a program or class and can just get info for free online. Sellers who have done this can be successful. We do not get a cut of your hotel payment or airfare, we simply make these recommendations based on our own experience on how to travel with the least amount of stress to maximize the whole experience. We are the hosts of the program because we would have found it helpful for ourselves and want to offer if to help others. Our goal is to give you options that will make the trip most likely to be successful and to help you have a good and profitable time.  In general, we see that people who do the bargain basement approach, really don’t get much accomplished the first time around and have to go to the fair several times. Additionally, China is a very different culture, and things such as getting taken advantage of by taxi drivers, by customs personnel in foreign airports, and getting sick from the wrong food are not uncommon. While we can’t promise none of these will happen, we are planning the trip to minimize their likelihood.

I want to learn more? How can I do that?

Email the trip facilitator and Scanner Society COO, Milas King. He will be happy to set up call to answer any question. You can also post them in our community to get group feedback. Email him at milas[at]

I Am A Member And Want To Sign Up
I Want To Join Scanner Society And Then Sign Up
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