2019 China Canton Fair Trip And Program

We had to cancel this program in 2019 due to safety concerns.

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Our E-Commerce Sourcing Trip &
8 Month Long Program On
Importing From The Canton Fair in China

This Amazing Trip & Program Includes

  • Pre Trip Coaching On Travel Logistics

  • Pre Trip Coaching On Product Sourcing & Show Strategy

  • Mastermind with Milas, Cordelia, Previous & Current Attendees

  • Morning & Evening Meals Together Daily In Guangzhou To Connect & Strategize

  • 1 Day Guided Walk Of The Canton Fair

  • One On One and Group Coaching Post Trip Every 2 – 3 Weeks Through Sept 30 For Strategy & Logistics Support

This Is For You If You Are…

  • Already selling successfully online

  • Want to expand your sourcing beyond wholesale and arbitrage

  • Sell new products on Amazon, Ebay, or your own site

  • Are ready to launch your own branded products

  • Want to flip products bought for a much lower price than available in the US

  • Someone who wants to learn with a positive and empowering community of professionals!

Student Feedback

Darlene Jedlicki

“Wonderful…Experience of a Lifetime…Milas is the Greatest!”

I have been selling online since 2014 and gross around $100,000 a year part time. I went on the Scanner Society China Trip and Program in 2018 because retail arbitrage has been getting more difficult and I wanted to take my business to the next level by getting into private label. The time in China was wonderful. The hotel was well worth the money. The follow up was great. I finally received my final sample and I am starting production. I’m very glad I went it was an experience of a lifetime. I wanted to take the trip to the Canton Fair and had looked at other trips and they were always so expensive and I didn’t know if I could trust those trips. When I saw The Scanner Society was offering this trip I knew I could trust that it would be worth the money since I have belonged to this group since 2015 I didn’t have any reservations. Finally, I can’t say enough about Milas. He is the greatest!!
Darlene Jedlicki, Eden Prairie, MN

“Exceeded my expectations…Awesome…Excellent”

The trip exceeded my expectations! It wasn’t like the high-priced trips that combine an Amazon seller conference with a trip to China, it is designed to give you a small network of like-minded sellers combined with a trip mentor/leader who can get you started and then let you learn-by-doing while bouncing ideas off them and troubleshooting any problems along the way. I had extensive experience traveling the world, but this Scanner Society tour was an awesome first experience going to the Canton Fair! 
I don’t share numbers because people need to measure their progress/success against their own year-over-year numbers and not what someone else is doing but I will say that I went from over 1000 SKUs and over 100k in sales per month doing wholesale & RA with very low “Net” profit to less than 100 private label SKUs making more “Net” profit than ever before. My “best guess” is that I will make 500k net profit from the products immediately purchased after the trip. I was already importing dozens of products from China (mostly found through Alibaba) but I wanted to get a “big picture” perspective by seeing what was available at the Canton Fair. My overall evaluation of the trip is that it was excellent. The after-trip follow up was great! The Facebook group and video conferencing gives everyone in the trip to brainstorm their ideas, work out logistics, and get the support needed to execute their plan and leverage what they learned on the trip. I know people who pay thousands of dollars to subscribe to mastermind groups that are less helpful that our China Facebook Group!

Dan Farrantelli Scanner Society China Testimonial

“Practical…Reasonable…Excellent…No Hype Approach”

I considered a number of group trip programs, both large and small, that were being actively marketed to the online selling community before I made the decision to go with the Scanner Society program. The biggest differentiator between the Scanner Society program and all the others was the very thoughtful, practical, holistic educational approach to the whole experience from the early pre-planning and goal setting stages all the way through post trip coaching and support with ordering and logistics. And all of this at a VERY reasonable cost with the added benefit of being in a small engaged group of other like minded sellers. I loved the realistic down to earth approach to travel based on previous experience, the excellent accommodations with ease of access to fair, the first hand no hype approach, the information on safety and risk considerations for products, the before, during, and after support and follow up, and the genuine desire to help you succeed.

The 2019 Travel Schedule

  • April 22 (Mon): Arrive In Guangzhou & Dinner Together

  • April 23 (Tues): Breakfast & Dinner Together

  • April 23 (Tues): Guided Tour Of The Canton Fair Floor

  • April 23& 24 (Wed & Thurs): Breakfast & Dinner Together

  • April 23& 24 (Wed & Thurs): Attendees Buddy Up Or Walk The Fair Solo

  • April 25 (Fri): Head Home Or Tour On Your Own

Costs & What’s Included

  • $2997* – Fee For The Tour, Online Classes, Private Facebook Group, & Coaching For Jan – Sept 2019

  • BONUS – 1 Year Scanner Society Membership ($399 Value)

  • BONUSAmazon Listings Demystified Class ($297 Value)

  • BONUSMake A Bundle Selling Bundles Class ($24.99 Value)

  • BONUSIntro To Selling Online Class ($99 Value)

  • * Scanner Society members receive a great discount. LOGIN to view the code or JOIN today.

Amazon Resources

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Tour Guides & Facilitators

Milas King

Milas King


Milas founded and owns a successful chain of 3 restaurants in Atlanta and also has a six figure e-commerce business. He has been attending the Canton Fair since 2015 and has been importing since 2016. King’s first trip to China was to source pizza boxes at a lower rate for his restaurants when he decided that e-commerce was a good long term opportunity in addition to restaurants. He started selling products sourced via retail arbitrage. He made a key decision. “I decided to skip wholesale and go straight to private label.” He focuses on bundles and has built a systematized business. He currently imports consumer goods, toys and restaurant supplies. He joined Scanner Society as a member in 2016 and in 2017, became an owner. He is serving in the capacity of coach & tour guide!

Cordelia Blake

Cordelia Blake


Cordelia has a background in corporate training and entrepreneurship and started selling online in 2013. She originally sourced via retail arbitrage, moved onto online arbitrage and then sold extensive bundles and imported clothing from China. She currently runs Scanner Society, teaches classes and sells a mix of wholesale and private label bundles, and home products. She is the author of the book, Make A Bundle Selling Bundles and the host of the bi-monthly e-commerce news show, E-Comment. She is serving in the capacity of coach!

Program Budget

All Attendees are responsible for their own airfare, meal, and hotel expenses. We will advise you on where to stay and how to fly there but you will make the arrangements.

  • $2997Scanner Society Program*

  • $1400 – 2000 – Round trip airfare

  • $1200-$2400 – 4 nights at The Westin Guangzhou (Concierge Level)

  • $5600 – $7600 – Entire Trip

  • Additionally, plan to spend a minimum of $3000 on inventory and shipping upon returning to the US.

    * Current Scanner Society members receive a discounted rate. LOGIN for code.



Do we HAVE to spend $600 a night to stay at The Westin Pazhou Guangzhou on the Concierge level?

Basically, Yes. We highly recommend this hotel because

  • You can pick up your badge for the fair in the hotel lobby instead of waiting in long lines with other attendees in the convention center
  • Hotel is connected by land bridge to fair so there is no need for taxis or subway trips
  • Using the hotel land bridge, you can easily enter and exit the fair using a separate, less crowded entrance and security checkpoint, which saves time
  • The hotel provides a free indoor golf cart shuttle service for hotel guests only that will pick up and drop making fair visits easier and less intense
  • When you stay on the concierge level, the hotel provides access to a private lounge serving a wide variety of heavy h’ordeuvres, meals foods and beverages at breakfast and dinner (including alcoholic beverages during happy hour) all at no additional charge
  • The food is western stomach friendly so no time wasted getting sick!
  • Our groups gathers daily for breakfast and dinner in the lounge to plan, strategize and network. Students really get to know one another and share ideas, tips and best practices

The Canton Fair is large and can be overwhelming. We feel that the benefits of staying at the at The Westin Pazhou far outweigh the costs. Last year’s attendees agreed. Students can connect with each other in our Facebook Group and share rooms if they want to cut the cost. All fees for your room must be paid in advance to the Westin as rates are not guaranteed. All participants will be responsible for
making their own travel and lodging arrangements for the trip.Please understand that we have NO financial incentive at all to recommend that you stay at this hotel. Our recommendation is based purely on our own personal experience as the easiest, most efficient, least stressful way to experience the fair as a group.

Why should we pay more for a non stop flight from the US to Guangzhou?

We HIGHLY recommend flying direct from the US to the airport in Guangzhou, China because we have found that this provides the best experience possible for group members traveling overseas. With a direct flight, there are no opportunities for missed connections, lost or misdirected baggage or the need to go through customs or security checks in multiple countries. This is MUCH less stressful than taking cheaper flights with multiple international stops or layovers. If the trip starts out poorly because of travel issues, then the success of the entire trip can be impacted because travelers are already stressed and tired when they arrive. While participants make their own travel arrangements for the trip and are free to book any flight plans they choose, we strongly believe that direct flights are best because the fewer the opportunities for unexpected things to happen, the better the trip will be from beginning to end.

Is 3 days at the Canton Fair enough time?

YES! With the advance trip planning and the right strategy when you attend you can literally find more products to source in 3 days then you can implement in the following year! We went for 4 days last year and the students were so overloaded on day 4 that little got done so we shortened it this year.

Is this the only way to import?

Absolutely not. There are so many ways to import and international travel is not necessary. Traveling to the fair can help you more quickly understand the culture and mindset of international suppliers while building face-to-face working relationships with them. It will also allow you to physically see and touch a mind-blowing array of products at price points you would never have imagined. This immersive, in person learning experience is right for some but not all sellers.

Should I spend my only business money on this trip?

No. If investing in this trip and program is a portion of your business then it’s a good investment. If this is your last dollars, then invest it in inventory in the US or if you want to import start smaller and build up.

I’m new to online selling, should I go on this trip?

It really depends. some people want to dive right in and import, others want to work up to it. Both approaches are legitimate and we’ve seen successes and failures with each one.. Only you can decide if the time is right for you and your business to begin to source and import products from overseas to sell in the US. No trip or program can guarantee what the outcome will be for your specific business.

Why is this an 8 month long program?

Originally, we wanted to offer only the guided tour of the fair. We quickly realized that to really get the most value out of going, pre trip and post trip information and support is extremely helpful so we added them in. Learning to communicate with suppliers, place and pay for orders, evaluate shipping alternatives, understand duties, tariffs, product testing and compliance costs and plan product listing and launch strategies are all critical components of successfully importing products to sell online. Working with a group of like-minded sellers is a great way to effectively navigate this process and the entire group benefits from the different perspectives and shared experiences of its members.

$10,000 is a lot. People say I can go to China for less, is that true?

Absolutely. You can fly over there more cheaply with multiple international lay overs, stay in a bargain basement hotel and go to the fair for free. You don’t have to pay to be in a program or class and can just get info for free online. Sellers who do this can be successful. We do not get a cut of your hotel payment or airfare, we simply make these recommendations based on our own experience on how to travel with the least amount of stress to maximize the whole experience.

We are hosting the program because we want to help others in the seller community learn to import from China using what we have found helpful ourselves, mainly through trial and error. All ships rise when we work together and build a shared community of successful sellers. Our goal is to give you options that will make the trip most likely to be successful and to help you have a good and profitable time. In general, we see that people who do the bargain basement approach, really don’t get much accomplished the first time around and have to go to the fair several times to really benefit from it. Additionally, China is a very different culture, and things such as getting taken advantage of by taxi drivers, or by customs personnel in foreign airports, or getting sick from eating the wrong food are not uncommon. While we can’t promise none of these will happen, we are planning the trip to minimize their likelihood.

Why are the Bonuses included? Scanner Society membership, The Amazon Listings Demystified and Bundles classes?

We have included these because we want to help participants have the best chance of success. Being a part of our business community is a terrific way to connect with other positive and successful e-commerce professionals. Learning about bundles will help with strategy when choosing products to import and writing the most effective Amazon listings possible will make success more likely. We are hosting this trip to help as many sellers as possible grow and succeed!

I want to learn more! I have tons of questions! I want to talk to a person please!

Email any of the trip facilitators! They will be happy to chat online or set up a phone call. Start with Milas King: milas[at]scannersociety.com.

We had to cancel this program in 2019 due to safety concerns.

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Amazon Resources

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