Creating Workbooks & Journals for Coaches, Consultants, & Counselors

Do You Want To?

  • Say goodbye to e-books that no one reads!

  • Give your clients more of your unique guidance and perspective that they already respect?

  • Have an Amazon listed book that you can either gift,  sell, or include with your premium offerings?

  • Create a useful and attractive book with less than 2000 words?

  • Learn how to create workbooks and guided journals WELL with free software?

  • Sell your branded message globally (and effortlessly!)?

  • Create custom exercises to help your clients in between sessions to maximize your time together?


  • Having to spend endless hours writing and formatting?

  • Spending lots of money on designers and editors?

  • Promoting someone else branded or authored journals and workbooks?

Some Examples Of What You Can Create

The Healing Goddess Workbook
Good Days Start With Gratitude: A 52 Week Guide To Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude: Gratitude Journal
Social Media Marketing Workbook: How to Use Social Media for Business

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Creating Workbooks & Journals for Coaches, Consultants, & Counselors

This Program is DIFFERENT…

  • Takes place over 12 weeks, so you can not just acquire info, but practice it and bring your questions

  • Provides you with the skills and opportunity to have a finished product available at the end of the course

  • Has live classes so you can fully understand and ask questions

  • Create with free software and the free platform of Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon so that you are able to take your knowledge and create as many products as you want or need without a lot of extra expenses

  • Shows you how to create gorgeous and useful physical books that sell online for any price and can be ordered for as little as $2.50 each by you with no minimum!

It Includes

  • 6 live sessions offered every other week

  • Online support in between sessions to help with class implementation and questions

  • Private Facebook group

  • Lifetime access to class replays

  • A chance for to create books to help your business grow, better serve current clients, and also attract new ones

2019 Session

  • Every Other Thursday Night at 8:30 PM Eastern (6:30pm Pacific) Starting June 13th

  • 60 minute LIVE online class sessions

  • June 13, June 27, July 11, July 25, August 8, & Aug 22nd

One Payment – $198

2 Monthly Payments – $99

Course Outline

  1. What is KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)
  2. A workbook or a guided journal
  3. Process overview from start to finish
  4. Costs
  5. Skills used for each step
  6. Business uses for a journal or workbook
  7. Document formatting
  8. Actual content vs lines and space
  9. Tables
  10. Interior graphics
  11. Page sizing & Margins
  12. Book Title
  13. The Cover
  14. Writing the Amazon listing
  15. Keywords
  16. HTML
  17. Uploading
  18. Preview
  19. Proof
  20. Sales vs wholesale vs author buy costs
  21. Global Availability
  22. Making edits
  23. Physical vs online sales
  24. Marketing strategies
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