Cyber 5 Weekend Amazon Seller Tips

Members of the Scanner Society reveal some of their success tips for selling online and on Amazon for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the newly coined Cyber 5 Weekend.

Stack as much inventory as possible


Replace inventory you plan to sell on Black Friday for early December sales.


Know your ship and check in times. Depending on where you live, you can get stuff in MUCH later than the cut off days.


I don’t care about selling too much that weekend because I want max price in the weeks after…I’ll take sustained daily max profit over the pride and pretty of a monster sales day.


Nothing is different. I keep a lean and mean inventory.”


I ship merchant fulfilled. At this time of year I ship faster than Amazon.


We ship 100 – 500 units a day starting on Black Friday and our stock is dry by December 13th.


Send in hot deals but those items that also will sell beyond Christmas, such as boots.


Keep tweaking keywords, prices, and listings.


Don’t send all of your holiday items in one shipment. Amazon may move them between warehouses and take it all offline so send it in batches.


Wholesaler suppliers offer end of year and holiday deals too. Check with them for discounts and deals.


Stock the accessories that go with the hot toys.


Look ahead. Q1 is a profitable time of year with Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s, workout resolutions, bedding sales in Feb, and so much more.


I look at my Q4 numbers and see how I can maintain them year round.



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