E-Comment: E-Commerce New For Amazon Sellers And Beyond 2017-12-29T11:44:49+00:00

E-Comment: E-Commerce News For Amazon Sellers & Beyond

Q1 In Review 2018

Amazon announced fee increases in several areas across the board. This is both a wake up call for casual sellers to either switch platforms or build stronger margins and a more stable business and an opportunity for other [...]

Trump Tweets, Shapeways & Amazon Publishing

Recently, Donald Trump released a series of tweets attacking Amazon. He said it’s Amazon’s fault that the U.S. Post Office is losing money on shipping packages, essentially blaming Amazon for a budget shortfall at the USPS. According to [...]

Amazon Dash, Walmart Returns, Adidas 3D and More!

Amazon is expanding their Dash program. These are product specific button both physical and virtual, that are specifically for the purpose of a quick re-order. They are now adding smart devices to this list. Your furnace will be able [...]