How To Create Effective Ads For Listings

Today’s post comes from our #SMTV guest, Xander Putris of AMZ Sessions

Don’t send FB ads directly to Amazon!! Although Amazon loves receiving traffic from outside sources, a surge of traffic to your listings from outside platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest or Google, it may not be the best thing for your listing.

Traffic that is brought into Amazon, in most cases won’t have the same conversion as someone who is browsing on Amazon looking for a product like yours.

Driving in this extra traffic will generate more sessions but those extra sessions can bring down your conversion rate as well, if in fact your product isn’t now converting at the same level as an organic search by an Amazon customer.

A simple trick is to drive your Facebook, Pinterest or Google ad traffic to a simple one page website, also known as a landing page, where you inform your customer of your product. Use this page as an opportunity to really paint the picture as to why they MUST have it AND make sure to always drop in an irresistible offer that they just can’t pass up. We typically offer a limited time percentage off coupon code that they can use on Amazon right away.

Now, when the customer clicks the ad to cart or buy now button on your website, it will redirect them to your Amazon listing and they can follow through with their purchase. This creates fewer sessions but allows for better conversions, which can in turn boost your Best Seller Rank (BSR) and make you more money.


A bit about our guest blogger and show guest

Xander is extremely passionate about helping sellers and brands bring their visions to fruition. He truly believes that the more love you put into something, the more successful it is. He coaches his clients on how to paint the picture for their customers by leveraging page content, Amazon tools, and outside digital marketing strategies to promote revenue growth. AMZsessions is a boutique agency focusing on Amazon brand management and consulting. With the unique ability to blend Amazon knowledge and digital marketing expertise they provide their clients with strategies to reach new levels of success. Their client list includes individual sellers and small companies to multi-million dollar brands.


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