George Lawrence – Keywords & Customers

George Lawrence, the CEO of Merchant Word, shares how the right understanding of keywords can seem technical but is really about understanding the customer. He discusses Amazon search technology, called the A9 or A10 algorithm, and what it means when researching and listing products on Amazon. He talks audio search, vectoring and artificial intelligence too!

He started out as a software engineer with some financial troubles in 2012. He created Merchant Words, an Amazon keyword tool to help online sellers figure out how buyers search for products. Based on the Auto Populate field in Amazon search, Merchant Words searches for thousands of word combinations and catalogs them in order of search priority and gives them a virtual “rank” to help users asses the relative frequency of those words.

George’s story is one many of us share, inspiration in the face of financial worries. The tool now works on Amazon sites around the globe to help sellers write good listings and do product research.

Note: Scanner Society members do receive a discount on Merchant Words software.

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