An Intro To Importing From China

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Are you considering IMPORTING?

Acquire Products To Sell

Kitchen Gadgets For Import

Buy Bulk Business Supplies

Learn Strategies:

  • Communicate Effectively With Suppliers

  • Negotiate The Right Things

  • Online Vs In Person Supplier Contact

  • Ordering Process

  • Impact Of Tariffs

Avoid Pitfalls:

  • Don’t Overpay For Samples

  • Have The Right Paperwork For Customs

  • When To Do Air Vs. Boat Shipping

  • Time Orders For The Right Sell Season

  • Reasonable Expectations Of The Process

Class is LIVE ONLINE with presentation and Q & A on:

Wednesday, January 16th at 1 PM EST


Replay is free for students


About The Instructor:

Cordelia Blake has been working in e-commerce since 2009. She has sold majors brands as well as her own imported and manufactured products. She has successfully sold product online with, Shopify, Big Commerce, eBay, and Facebook. She also runs the Chamber of E-Commerce, Scanner Society, with over 600 professional seller members nationally. She has an online channel devoted to e-commerce and she teaches beginning and advanced level classes on e-commerce and coaches individually.

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Planning Your Trip To The Canton Fair

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