Selling On Amazon In The Uk, Europe and More. Special Course Offer and Info.

Hiya…hallo…ciao…and kon’nichiwa.  These are all ways to say “hello” in other countries and they are EASY to learn.  On the other hand, learning the ins and outs of selling on other Amazon marketplaces outside the U.S. is NOT EASY.  It requires a LOT more time, effort, and resources IF you don’t have the right guide to walk you through all the confusing and complicated processes involved..

Well, it turns out that we have the PERFECT guide to help you.  His name is Steve Sawyer and he is a successful international and US seller, an experienced educator, and an active helper and member in the Scanner Monkey community since we were founded.  He even runs our Scanner Monkey International Facebook community.  Steve sold over  $600K last year overseas and is committed to helping other sellers grow on these exciting platforms.

Steve created a comprehensive course (over 24 modules!) called, International Arbitrage, that will walk you through how AND what to sell on the Amazon international marketplaces. This course is price is so amazingly low for the value received that we cannot offer a discount. However, students who register for the class will ALSO receive a FREE LIFETIME membership to the Scanner Monkey, a $499 value!  All for the course price of $1497! REGISTER HERE (This offer is available to current members and non members)

This is a different approach to how we normally offer products or services in Scanner Monkey.  Usually, we only allow a vendor to promote a reputable product or service in the group IF they can provide a discount for our members. This time we are partnering with Steve and his team because of him being such an integral part of the Scanner Monkey team and the unique value of what he is offering in both his course, and the staffing and resources available to course members.

Watch our interview with Steve about the course and selling internationally in general.

Ultimately we wanted to find a way that would be a win for everyone involved but primarily for our members, and this is what we worked out.

  • With your course registration you will not have to make any payments to be member of our group forever, your LIFETIME membership is paid for with the course. ($499 value)
  • You have the full support of the growing Scanner Monkey International Facebook community which shares our values of helping each other succeed.
  • Steve has been selling internationally for several years and his business is growing exponentially. After being asked repeatedly to help others learn what he did, he invested heavily in both course and staffing infrastructure to create the ultimate course, where participants are helped with EVERY aspect of the this process to keep it simple and as clear as possible.
  • The price of this course will only go up as new countries and resources are added. You getting in at the beginning means you will have access to each new resource as it is developed.

So that’s enough about WHY we structured this incredible offer this way.  Now you can see WHAT is offered in the International Arbitrage course so you can see what a great value it is at only $1497.

  • Video and Powerpoint course curriculum with over 25 key areas of instruction
  • Access to live and recorded webinars
  • Full support from our staff accountant for questions and paperwork assistance
  • Membership in an exclusive 4 month Mastermind facebook group made up of actual course participants
  • 100%, 30 day money back guarantee

Additionally if you sign up by JULY 31st you will ALSO receive:

  • Lifetime membership in the Internal Arbitrage Private Facebook Group (course normally comes with 4 months then it’s $49/month).
  • A full package of the EasyPackBox system to jumpstart your shipping process ($99 value)

Registration for this course will SHUT DOWN for 2016 on August 31st so that we can all focus on profiting fully from the fourth quarter!


What You Will Learn
International Arbitrage teaches you everything you need to know to make big profits in the European market, including:

    Registering and opening your shipping account, harmonizing product codes, import duties, fulfillment, and so much more.
    VAT and EORI applications, VAT invoices and returns, distance selling, intrastate returns and zero-rated VAT products.
    Bank setup and documents, what accounts you need, US bank requirements.
    Account set-up and the verification process, how to calculate your profit, Amazon US to UK flips, the European marketplace, category approval, seller central UK, listing products, and pulling over the .com., insurance and more.

CLICK HERE to sign up and get started TODAY!


Jay, Cordelia, and Steve

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