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Scanner Society

A co-op, trade organization and  chamber of commerce all rolled into one for Amazon and other online sellers. Group benefits include online and live networking, discounts on software and training (no affiliate marketing), helpful resources and being part of a network of sellers who have in common a strong desire to focus on co-opetition and being positive. Whether you source via arbitrage, wholesale, or private label, belonging to this amazing community will help you grow your business. Learn More

Cordelia Blake
CEO, Scanner Society (Chamber of Commerce For Online Selling Entrepreneurs)

Cordelia has a background in technology and training. She started selling online in 2013 with her own website and then moved onto After jumping in with sourcing via wholesale she explored arbitrage, and ultimately sells a mix of wholesale bundles and private label products. Her clothing line, Everyday Curves, plus sized women’s althleisure wear, just went live in 2017.

She has interviewed over 100 successful sellers and industry experts for her online show for Scanner Society and has also helped the members grow their businesses through learning and sound business building. She has taught classes on how to source, wholesale, bundle and list on She has spoken at eComChicago, ASTRA, and regionally. Her e-commerce company currently focuses on selling high end gift boxes and clothing online.

She happily resides with her husband of 18 years, 2 boys (ages 6 and 15), 1 black lab, and 3 cats in Atlanta, Georgia.

She is passionate about teaching, success, and communication.



Cordelia Blake

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Milas King

COO, Scanner Society

Milas founded and owns a seven figure restaurant chain of pizza restaurants as well as a six figure e-commerce business. He started selling online by sourcing candy from Walmart and selling it on Amazon. He also arbitraged at discount stores as he learned the ropes and used his experience to fund and guide sourcing decisions for his first private label brand which launched in 2017. He currently imports consumer goods, toys and restaurant supplies. Almost immediately after starting in the e-commerce, he realized the huge potential of teaming up with other small business owners to leverage information and resources. He joined Scanner Society in 2016 and in 2017, became our Chief Operations Officer. He is gifted at systematizing processes so that he can continue to grow each business and his capacity to accomplish more.

Previously, he had over 20 years in video production, 10 years in restaurant management and has been a long time guerilla marketer. You can find him in his 1300 square foot Atlanta area warehouse, out sourcing, meeting with Scanner Society members, or watching one of his favorite movies:  The Matrix, Legends Of the Fall, and The Patriot. He lives in Smyrna, GA with his wife, Yeuredis.