Milas – New Seller

Milas is a relatively new Amazon seller, he’s only been on since the summer of 2016. He was focusing on arbitrage but is switching after his first suspension and reinstatement. He sells on Amazon full time as well as owning a small chain of restaurants in Atlanta, Davinci’s.


“My goal, because of my passion is to own a film studio and everything I have done, the restaurants, now retail, is to finance my celluloid dreams, lol. But for retail, in particular, is to establish different brands to build a sustainable retail company. I am returning to China to finally get into PL, I feel that RA has really been paid training to learn about retail.


“Currently I am grossing $10K+ per month.”

Life Details

Milas loves movies, playing basketball, movies, video production, and movies!

What Does He Love About Scanner Monkey?


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