Should I Pay To Go To A Conference?

I’m back home from the ScanPower Conference and reflecting fondly on the last 3 days of networking, presentations, and after hours fun with both the monkeys and the non-monkeys in attendance. This was a POWERFUL and INSPIRING conference with so many amazing sellers from very diverse backgrounds! I was blown away by not only the content of the presentations, but also the spirit of sharing and camaraderie that was pervasive throughout the entire event.

I’m often asked if it’s worth it to invest in the price of admission, flights, & hotel stays to attend a conference like this. My answer is always an emphatic “YES YES YES!”

Yes, the presentations are valuable and inspiring…but that is just the tip of the iceberg! It’s sooooo much more than that.

So, for anyone that has not attended a conference I thought I would share with you WHY you should INVEST in your business and in yourself by attending a sellers conference:

1) The networking – I know…I know….we constantly talk about networking and developing mastermind groups in Scanner Monkey, but there really is no substitute for face to face networking with other sellers, speakers, and peers. It’s really like TURBO networking where you can learn more about each other and your respective businesses in a 10 minute conversation than 10 days of exchanging PMs. And there are MULTIPLE opportunities to engage in this type of networking: in the halls during presentations, during lunch or dinners, or (my favorite) over a couple of drinks.
You will find that many times after these networking sessions you will have a new accountability partner, or someone you can call if you need help with a challenge you are experiencing in your business, or even create a new mastermind group. What’s even better are the strong friendships that form from being around so many people with the same desires and dreams that you have. Personally, I have made just as many lifelong friendships with people at just a couple of conferences than I have in 20 years in the wine industry. If you get out of your shell and make an effort to meet other sellers and see if you can help them, it will come back to you 100 fold!

2) The helpful tips – Yes, people share tips in a lot of Facebook groups, but when you are in a smaller group in person and people have paid good money to be there the providers of that information have to up their game and give EXCEPTIONAL value. Plus, there is just something about connecting in person that opens up the dialogue to a whole different level. I can’t tell you how many times I heard at the last conference “With just ONE tip from that presentation (or conversation) I will make an additional $_____ per month! That one tip just paid for my price of admission.”

3) It shows others that you are serious about your business if you are willing to plunk down a few hundred dollars to attend a conference or any seller event…and that carries over into the digital world.

4) You can build a solid foundation of resources. The presenters and vendors in attendance are there primarily to help you build your business, but they would also like you to use their services as well. You should strongly consider using the vendors that take the time out of their busy schedules to educate you on the issues that impact your businesses. This last conference featured speakers talking about wide array of subjects including: utilizing Fiverr, suspension prevention, creating relationships with store managers & wholesalers, keeping your account healthy, and product photography (and those are just a few). These should be your GO TO people when you need help in that area of your business.

5) It’s downright fun! You love what you do, right? You have fun making big $ on the most powerful selling platform on the planet, right? Well, guess what…it’s even MORE FUN to be surrounded by people that feel the same way! It’s part of what makes Scanner Monkey such an awesome group – being surrounded by like minded and positive thinking sellers. It can be very emotional at times when you see the relationships that form from being around others that have same struggles, desires, and dreams that you do. I even saw a few people at the SP conference in tears (I won’t name any names…but they know who I am talking about ). Throw in a Scanner Monkey Happy Hour or karaoke and it gets even BETTER!

These are just a few reasons you should consider investing your time and money in a seller conference…but there are even more! For those that have attended conferences before please feel free to add how you benefited from conferences in the comments below.

I’m confident that the monkeys that were in attendance at the SP Conference would agree with me that it is money well spent! Right?

-Jay Bayne

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