Reseller Resolution

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This class was just in January 2019.

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Reseller Resolution

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Analyzing Your Business & Setting Goals for 2019

4 WEDNESDAYS in January 2019 at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific

Replays are available to registered students during the month of January.

Build A Stronger Amazon & E-Commerce Business in 2019!

Understand and Analyze the results of 2018 very specifically

Set Thoughtful, Challenging, and Achievable Goals in 2019

Specify The Actions Needed To Achieve Your Goals, Broken Down By Quarter, Month and Week

Learn from 2018:

  • Things you LOVED about your business
  • LESSONS learned and mistakes made
  • DATA analysis based on # units sold, ASP, and profit

Set Specific Goals for 2019:

  • SCALING profit, revenue, and scope
  • Product and platform DIVERSIFICATION
  • Growing in a way that supports your LIFESTYLE and needs

Deepen your UNDERSTANDING of your business and set specific goals to TRANSFORM it

First Session is Jan 9th

Class Dates: Jan 9th, Jan 16th, Jan 23rd, & Jan 30th

 Course Includes 4 LIVESTREAM Sessions

Exercises, Facebook Group Study & Learning

We look forward to learning together to run stronger, more successful businesses in 2019!

This class is open to all e-commerce professionals. Please join us!