Scanner Monkey Celebrates 3 Years of Helping Online Sellers!

It was 3 years ago in October that I opened the doors to Scanner Monkey with an invitation to a select few Facebook buddies to join my quirky little group where we could “swap funny stories about sourcing and maybe share a few BOLOs”.

What started with 3 members and a banner that read “Scanner Monkeys of the World Unite” has since grown into an extraordinary community of positive minded and generous online sellers with the unifying purpose of helping each other succeed – while having fun and making new friends in the process.  [If you want more history on the group and how we have evolved you can read about it in our book The Scanner Monkey Way.]

I’ve always been a pretty nostalgic guy and I enjoy looking back at the humble beginnings of ANY great success story to see how things have evolved.  After reviewing the Scanner Monkey Facebook group posts and the website, I was astonished to see how much we have grown in a short 3 years!   Here are some interesting stats of what our tribe has collectively accomplished since 2013:

  • We’ve recorded 139 SMTV webcasts – each week featuring a successful seller or industry expert with actionable strategies.
  • Recruited 90 coaches, educators, and vendors to help our tribe with various facets of their businesses.
  • Secured 44 EXCLUSIVE discounts on FBA related software, services, apps, conferences, and books.
  • Connected with over 400 members at 11 conferences & meetups.
  • Coordinated 2 “Pay It Forward” Days – with over $10,000 worth of prizes going to our members.
  • We’ve had more fun than a barrel of monkeys by hosting 4 karaoke parties and one cruise with 54 attendees!

Most importantly, we now have 1,300 supportive members in our tribe!  Our members, that range from part-time newbies to multi-million dollar mega-sellers, have always been THE most important asset of Scanner Monkey!  I can confidently say that NO OTHER group is as supportive or positive-minded as the Scanner Monkey group.  Yes, I might be a little biased, but I see examples of it every single day in our group.  For that I feel extremely blessed to be a part of such a supportive community that truly understands the value of sharing with others so that we can grow together.

So how did we celebrate 3 years of supporting, connecting, learning and growing together?  By giving away a gaggle of prizes donated by our awesome members!  Here is just a sample of the great prizes we awarded to our members that entered our daily contests last week AND live on our special 3rd Anniversary SMTV show:

In order to win these prizes we asked our members to enter contests where they shared advice.  Examples included their “Best #TuesdayTip” or “Tips to share with NEW Scanner Monkey members”.  This way EVERYONE wins – either a prize OR great advice from other members.   Between the FB contests and the live contest on our SMTV show we had over 100 entries, with 22 winners claiming over $4,300 worth of prizes!  The winners included:  Kim Coghlan, Sherry Morton, Dan Engler, Anita Hampl, Bond Chris Bond, Elizabeth Thompson, Ann Whitford Poppe, and many more!

Happy Anniversary Scanner Monkeys!  I look forward to the NEXT 3 YEARS with my Scanner Monkey family!



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