Scanner Monkeys Pay it Forward!

On April 27th Scanner Monkey celebrated PAY IT FORWARD DAY (PIF Day) with the help of over 60 volunteers from our tribe that gave generously of their time to help other FBA sellers.  These volunteers offered up advice and coaching via phone calls or online sessions over the 2 weeks following PIF Day!

We started PIF Day with the group in April 2015 and had such an overwhelming response that we decided to make this a tradition with the Scanner Monkey group EVERY year!  It just makes sense.  After all, we ARE about helping each other as much as we can…right?

Since paying it forward is already a big tenet of the Scanner Monkey Way, we decided to amp it up a notch in 2016 and make it really special over the course of those 2 weeks by asking that EVERYONE in the tribe find a way to pay it forward…and of course that includes me and Cordelia.

We started by recruiting volunteers  to offer up coaching & advice to THREE people that request it…and this was done through phone calls, Skype, or some other webcast session.  Then we asked the recipients of that coaching and advice to PAY IT FORWARD and offer up a service or advice to THREE other members.   They could offer up advice or a service on anything they wanted  –  OA, RA, Private Label, Wholesale, bundles, shoe sourcing, book keeping, hiring VAs, renting warehouse space, designing coloring books, buying heat guns…..ANYTHING!

IF they didn’t have anything that they were comfortable offering up to other members, then we asked them to donate to charity…which could be done in 1 of 2 ways.  They could buy one of our Scanner Monkey “Pay it Forward” t-shirts on Amazon and we donate ALL of the profits to The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund [update:  the SM PIF shirts being sold by Anton are copycats and we are in the process of getting them removed].   OR, they could donate directly to The American Red Cross through our fundraiser page.

So was PIF as successful this year in Scanner Monkey as last year?
Our members seem to think so!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • “I just want to say THANK YOU so much for organizing such a wonderful and valuable event! Being on the newer side to FBA this a huge help to my business. Scanner Monkey is the best!” – Josh Fedele
  • “Thank you to the whole Scanner Monkey group for being so awesome! I have always tried to live by the the PIF concept and it warms my heart that there are so many in this group stepping up to help others.” – Laure Zayas
  • “Had a great conversation with Joy Espiritu Packard.  Such great info and encouragement. Thanks so much!!!” – Stefanie Vaughan Gerstle
  • Many of our coaches (me and Cordelia included) commented that they not only helped 3 people, but bumped up the # of sessions to 5 or 6 people!
  • Dean Jayroe offered up KDC200i bluetooth scanners at a deep discount of $50 shipped for Scanner Monkey members.
  • Kelly Lengacher offered 3 one-year subscriptions to the RevSeller Chrome Extension for free.
  • If you go to my original post about PIF you can see several more connections made and testimonials shared about this awesome event with the tribe:
  • We raised $605 for the America Red Cross Disaster Relief Foundation through sales of our Scanner Monkey PIF Day T-shirts AND private donations!

I am always impressed by the number of Scanner Monkeys that are willing to take the time to help others with their FBA businesses….not just on PIF day, but every day of the year.   No doubt about it Pay It Forward is a special day, but the Scanner Monkey group is a special group that treats EVERY day like PIF day!

~ Jay Bayne

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