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Atlanta attorney, Linda Collett, discussed the vital documents that no small business should be without. Collett had 20 years of business experience before embarking on her legal career. She works with small businesses in Georgia on transactional documents such as employment contracts, buy and sell agreements and more. It’s easy when running a demanding e-commerce business to forgo spending money on the development of legal documents but this can be very harmful. A business lawsuit costs on average, $91,000, even when won, so spending the money and time to have the right documents in place will pay off over time. Crafting partnership agreements is an important protection against future issues as well as a process to understand how partners want to handle challenges, both business and life. Collett shares how these agreements are vital to the long term success of a business. The right legal documents in place can help avoid unexpected legal hassles that can ruin a company and endanger life savings. Tips and strategies will help you ask a potential attorney the right questions so you can protect your business.

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