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Seller Stories

Hear the lessons learned, mistake made and victories earned with these successful Amazon Sellers.

Milas King – The Inside Scoop

I am hesitant to open up only because I personally have a hard time discerning the difference between sharing and bragging.  When I joined Scanner Society I realized that by choosing one this group and this community, I could [...]

Sam Cohen – Size Matters

Sam Cohen runs his own 10 million dollar plus online sales company and is in the top 1% of Amazon sellers worldwide. Having had to learn everything the hard way himself, he decided to found a company to help [...]

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Expert Interviews

George Lawrence – Keywords & Customers

George Lawrence, the CEO of Merchant Word, shares how the right understanding of keywords can seem technical but is really about understanding the customer. He discusses Amazon search technology, called the A9 or A10 algorithm, and what it means [...]

Payoneer and International Payments with Rob Shannon

Payoneer is a service to process international payments. Account setup is free. Rob Shannon, Sales Manager for North America, fills us in on how this works. You can set Payoneer to receive funds from overseas Amazon accounts and [...]

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E-Comment With Cordelia Blake

E-Commerce News For Amazon Sellers

Q1 In Review 2018

Amazon announced fee increases in several areas across the board. This is both a wake up call for casual sellers to either switch platforms or build stronger margins and a more stable business and an opportunity for other [...]

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Mini Tips For Amazon Sellers

Cyber 5 Weekend Amazon Seller Tips

Members of the Scanner Society reveal some of their success tips for selling online and on Amazon for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the newly coined Cyber 5 Weekend. Stack as much inventory as possible -Dinko Replace inventory you plan [...]

How To Do Free Keyword Research

Here are a few tips for doing free keyword research for Amazon listings and ads. Use Chrome (or whatever browser you're on) in "Incognito" mode so it does not track your own shopping history Type into the search [...]

Marketing Tips For E-Commerce

Profit Focus : Marketing Moment

Keep your eyes on growing your profits. This can be done by buying more strategically and by spending less time on the whole process. Your most profitable month may not be the one where you [...]

Scanner TV – TV for Amazon Sellers, E-Commerce Professionals and Online Entrepreneurs

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