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Jeff Breloski – The IP Envoy

Jeff Breloski joins us to discuss IP Infringement and trademarks for Amazon sellers who are third party resellers and brand owners. He also [...]

George Lawrence – Keywords & Customers

George Lawrence, the CEO of Merchant Word, shares how the right understanding of keywords can seem technical but is really about understanding the customer. [...]

Milas King – The Inside Scoop

I am hesitant to open up only because I personally have a hard time discerning the difference between sharing and bragging.  When I joined [...]

Ian Lurie – Patent Predictions

Ian Lurie, founded the digital marketing agency, Portent, in 1995 and they joined forces with Clearlink in 2017. He is the EVP of Marketing [...]

John Lawson – Foundation And Success

John Lawson, speaker, entrepreneur and best-selling author of, Kick Ass Social Commerce For E-Preneurs, is now an e-commerce and marketing industry leader and internationally [...]

Linda Collett, Your Legal Foundation

Atlanta attorney, Linda Collett, discussed the vital documents that no small business should be without. Collett had 20 years of business experience before embarking [...]

How To Sell Plush On Amazon

Barbara Boschen shares how she turned $500 into $25,000 selling USED stuffed animals on Amazon.com. Specific strategy and tips are included. https://youtu.be/hlkBtMXMN4M

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